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Training Modules

The comprehensive portfolio of over 70 training modules provides beginners and advanced learners with visual, hands-on and practical skills for their daily jobs.

The modules are updated regularly and adjusted to latest developments in the financial markets. The time required to achieve extensive knowledge through a module is about 1-2 hours.

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Excel Spreadsheets

As an extra benefit, more than 60 Excel/VBA spreadsheets are available for download at no extra cost.

With this, you can better understand what is behind the theory and you can carry the sheets over directly into your everyday work.

VBA Source Code

The VBA source code is open for users. Information is available in great detail.

In the excel speadsheets, VBA codes on some widely used risk management and pricing techniques are provided.

Thereby, you can follow algorithms and test your skills on daily job routines.

Exams, Online Tutor

Q&As - Questions-and-Answer sessions and formal online exams with printable course completion certificates demonstrate your learning process.

This process is also supported by multilingual eTutors, rounding out an overall challenging e-Learning solution. In general, responses arrive within 24 hours.